De Voortuinen | Amsterdam

Landscape Design

Architect: Elephant Architecture

Green Architect: MOSS

Location: Amsterdam

Design Year: 2015-2018

Construction Year: 2021

Parties involved: Pinnacle

Construction: De Koninklijke Ginkelgroep

Photo credits: MOSS

Render credits: Elephant Architecture



‘De Voortuinen’ is a residential building consisting of fourteen floors, all apartments have a private terrace with their own ‘front yard’. Architectural firm Elephant designed a completely new residential tower typology, in which the traditional inner core has been moved to the outside. The stairs and elevator can therefore be found in the facade. Each resident has its own entrance and private front garden. MOSS designed and engineered the 122 trees that are placed on the terraces. The roof is part of this design, where it will be possible to generate energy and store water at the same time.  A selection of 8 trees was made that could survive the conditions of this type of architecture. Overall, a project that shows how the future of architecture will look like.



  • “Nomination ‘Architectenweb’ Residential Building of the year 2021″
  • “Finalist NRP Gulden Feniks Award 2022”